FAQ (Quick Reference)

How do I register as a Graduate Nondegree student?

If you have your bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution or recognized foreign institution, you may apply as a non-degree/post-baccalaureate student.

As a non-degree student, you will not be working towards any degree program; however you are able to take graduate (or undergraduate) level courses. You will need to submit official, sealed transcripts (if you are a UCF undergraduate, we will request your transcripts for you) to the College of Graduate Studies Office.

Please also note that if you choose to transition into a degree seeking program, you will need to complete a new application. Up to 9 credit hours of classes you take as a non-degree seeking student may transfer into a degree seeking program (requires your academic department’s approval), but you are welcome to take as many classes as you wish beyond that 9 hours.

Steps to Apply as a Nondegree-seeking student:

Students should check with the department that they are interested in taking classes in to determine if they are able to enroll as a non-degree seeking graduate student

  1. Apply online at https://application.graduate.ucf.edu/. When you access the online application go to "Create Account."  Enter the required information.  If you previously applied online, you will receive a message that says you already have an account.  There will be two options at the bottom of this page--"Continue & Create New Account" and "Email".  Select, "Continue & Create New Account" and a new PIN will be assigned for your latest application.
  2. Pay the $30 non-refundable application processing fee
  3. Submit official transcripts showing an earned bachelor’s degree or degree in progress to the UCF College of Graduate Studies. If you have already done so, there is no need to send an additional copy. No essay, resume, test scores, or recommendation letters are required. Please note that if you degree is currently in progress you will need to send your final transcripts once your degree has been awarded
  4. Immunization Form.  This form must be submitted to the UCF Health Services prior to registration. The form can be downloaded from the online application site or from the UCF Health Services website (www.hs.sdes.ucf.edu/healthcenter/immunizations.html).
  5. Please note that non-degree admission or admission to a graduate certificate program at UCF does not guarantee admission to graduate status in a degree program.  Also, students in this status do not qualify for any type of financial assistance.

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